Wanted Poster Template

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Wanted poster is mostly used to make people aware of any escaped criminal and at the same time request people for giving information about the escaped person.

Wanted poster can be made point of interest and attention for people to read it by writing reward and reward amount in bold and prominent font size and style. When a person will have a look on the reward offer, he will keep this offer in his mind and in result the person who hanged the poster will surely get information about the wanted person. If you are also a person who want to track an escaped criminal and looking for some help to make your wanted poster appealing. Here we present a wanted poster template for your kind assistance. We have tried to make this wanted poster template unique among other traditional wanted posters in which criminal’s picture is placed in the center of the poster and information is given under the picture.

In our wanted poster template, sample criminal picture is given at the top left corner of the poster and rest of the page is dedicated to give detailed information about the wanted person as you can see in the preview of wanted poster template. You will see lots of sample wanted posters on different sites but here I would like to emphasize on the difference between our template and others’ that is flexibility to make changes. You can change its contents and picture according to your needs very easily. This wanted poster template has been created in MS Word 2007 that is most commonly used software. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough designing skills as you will get a completely designed poster from our site that can be used just by changing its picture and information about criminal. Have a look of preview of this wanted poster template.

You can download this wanted poster template totally free by clicking on the download button given at the bottom of this post. Not only this wanted poster template, you will get variety of poster templates to suit your business and personal needs. Send us your feedback about our collection of poster templates.

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